August 23 DJ Maboo on Pool Party in VODA club

Celebrate the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine together with VODA club.

This friday DJ Maboo will conquer the audience on the floating pontoon by the pool.
His sets is a mix of melodic vocal parts with vibrant house. DJ mixes the newest tracks with nostalgic hits creating the exploating musical fairytale.
Every DJ Maboo’s performance is a sophisticated music, wild dances and vivid expressions!

August 23, 14:00-19:00,
VODA club

FUNtastically-rousing summer is waiting for you in VODA club!


August 24 Boosin on Pool Party in VODA club

Epic Pool Party in VODA club on Independence Day of Ukraine!

Meet – DJ Boosin, Maruv sound producer, songwriter and arranger, and just a talented musician!🔥
DJ worked with Potap and Nastia Kamienskich, wrote lyrics and arrangers for them for a long time. His popularity found him after collaboration with Maruv – track “Drunk Groove” reached hundreds of millions of views on YouTube!
The guests will catch a fabulous music delight of DJ Boosin, signature and classic cocktails and E-program of MC German Govor!

Celebrate Independence Day of the country in the picturesque place in the Carpathians by the Lake of Youth!

August, 24, 14:00-19:00
VODA club


August 25, Fleming on Pool Parties in VODA club

Continuing series of convivial Pool Parties in VODA club with charismatic DJ from Kyiv –  Fleming 🔥

Fleming is a vivid assignee of a young but totally mould ukrainian DJs’ generation. No need to talk more – he is talented musician and he knows for sure how to rattle up the audience!Irremovable resident of CHI by Decadence House and summer resident of VODA club.

August 25, 14:00-19:00

VODA club!

FUNtastically summer is waiting for you in VODA club!


Augusr 10, Aldee (Latvija) at VODA club

Rousing night-life in Bukovel is at the height!

Meet Aldee – Latvian DJ, who have evolved through generations and decades since the iron curtain was down! The artist is taking part in many legendary events, festivals and residences not only in Baltics, but worldwide.

Aldee is one of the busiest talents and multi-genre music collectors, among the magician of vibe who loves to travel and shape electronic music dance scenes around the planet!
And August 10 at 22:00 he will inspire you with Baltic sounds in Bukovel!

The entrance is free🤗

Don’t miss!


August 8-11 Varya at Pool Parties in VODA club

Continuing the August with rousing Pool Parties in VODA club

Four days in a row from August 8 to August 11 a famous Kyiv clubby Varya will corrupt Bukovel with her sets!
Varya is one of the most wanted DJs of Kyiv musical culture!

🔹 DJ creates her own dance tracks

🔹 She is a resident of a legendary capital club – Heaven and a summer VODA club resident

🔹Her outputs on Radio Intense get thousands of views.

Varya will not leave you unfazed, her incredible energy on parties combines with light and gentle melodies, clearness and dynamics of rhythms 📀

FUNtastically-vibrant summer is waiting for you in VODA club!



Friends! We have good news for you!

Until November 28 the relaxation in VODA club for guests of hotels Shelter, “Bukovel”, “VIP-Residence” and “Beskyd Suites” in included into the price of accommodation*!

  • Between July 24 and September 30 – full day of relaxation.
  • Between October 1 and November 2 and between November 15 and November 28 – relaxation is free for 3 hours.

Resting with us you save your money and your memories✔️


August 1-4 DJ Alisha on Pool Parties in VODA Club

Continuing a hot summer with rousing Pool Parties in VODA club!

For days in a row DJ Alisha – glowing and extraordinary resident of Ukrainian club stage – will make up the party vibes by the Lake of Youth. Resident of popular radio station NRJ Ukraine and online musical television PLAY TV, the stellar of radioshow Backstage, and a summer resident of VODA club. Her sets sound on the great festivals, closed parties, high society routes, in the best clubs of Ukraine and far away – in India and Goa.

DJ Alisha – is a litmus of club culture – no worth event is on without her. This girl definitely knows the formula of a good party!

FUNtastic summer in waiting up for you in Bukovel!


August, 3 DJ Kommando (Italy) in VODA club!

Glowing night-life in Bukovel invites you to the rousing parties!
August 3 – charismatic italian DJ Kommando in VODA club!
Musician and producer, a participant of the most outstanding worldwide festivals, will energize you on the dancefloor.

FUNtastically-rocking summer in waiting up for you in Bukovel!
In case of a bad weather the party will take place in Veranda Lounge-zone!

August 3, 22:00, VODA club.

The entrance is free. 


July 25-28th DJ Vlad Yaki on Pool Parties in VODA club

Spend four bright summer days on vibrant Pool Parties with Odessa DJ, summer resident of VODA club – Vlad Yaki🔥

The musician have held the status of one of the most wanted DJs of ukrainian musical culture. Vlad Yaki shared DJ-place with european and worldwide electro-stage leaders – MANDY, Undercatt, Ten Walls, Olivier Giacomotto, Rafael Cerato and many others legislators of modern musical industry.

And now, July 25-28th the musician will corrupt the public’s hearts in VODA club!
Just imagine how you are taking a rest in a warm pool or jacuzzi, drinking favorite cocktail and dance in a summer rhythms to the energetic tracks!


Ambitious transukrainian festival Kvartal Fest is coming to Bukovel🔥

During 5 years Kvartal Fest was taking place in Sumy region. Every year this event attend from 100 to 150 000 people!!! The event has already become a good tradition for many ukrainians. This year “Kvartal 95” decided to expand the boundaries and spend the whole series of event all over the country. Bukovel is also included – the pearl of the Carpathians and one of the favorite vacation place. 

This Sunday, July 14, at 7 pm meet the public favorites in VODA club!