Osteria Italiana is a restaurant, where you will be able to “meet” gastronomical Mediterranean traditions, taste every shade of Italy and enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere!


The best national dishes in menu Osteria Italiana we have collected from different regions of Italy. We make our own pasta (semola and farina), use traditional pasta mixes and sauces for Italian cuisine, prepare a mix of flavored consistency of all’onda from Carnaroli rice, offer traditional antipasti and desserts. Vitaliy Vyprintsev, who is a brand-chef of CARTEL restaurant family, part of which is Osteria Italiana, personally makes sure, that every dish on your table is just excellent!

Time, spent in VODAclub’s restaurant is an absolute delight, caused by comfort, food and everything, happening around you.

In a comfortable and well-lit restaurant of VODAclub complex one can have a delicious breakfast, nutritious lunch or romantic dinner, all surrounded with delightful atmosphere.

To give the whole restaurant a more natural look and feel, the designers decided to use only natural materials. Every piece of furniture, walls and even ceiling are made of wood here. Every piece of interior decoration here was created by talented Ukrainian designers, who tried to convey ethnic notes into modern interior design style. Ukrainian painters’ art plays an essential role in restaurant’s interior design, and represented canvasses are not only conceptual emphases, but also, a compelling extension of a whole restaurant’s space.

In Osteria Italiana you actually understand what you eat!

We work from 08:00 from 22:30 +38 067 350 99 22 In the restaurant menu: homemade paste, made of selected Italian semolina flour  and presented considering traditional combinations of pasta and sauce forms traditional antipasti, collected from different regions of Italy Italian pizza on the wood grill menu delicious desserts In Osteria Italiana, you understand what you eat!
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