28th of November VODA club opens!

We know dear friends that you were waiting for this day! We are also in anticipation of tomorrow – first day in the new season of winter 2018/19!

In the winter we work in the SPA format. We have an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.
VODA club is a wonderful place where you can relieve muscles after descents Bukovel slopes. Enjoy;)

Important information – we continued the work schedule. From tomorrow, we are waiting for you every day from 9:00 to 00:00.


Catch a price that will operate during the season 2018/2019.

Winter is just around!
Catch a price that will operate during the season 2018/2019.
We are waiting for you soon in the complex, and we advise you to plan your accommodation in advance, take care of skipas and equipment rental.
WINTER PRICE 2018/2019 –


1st of October VODA club closed for preparation to the winter season

Just over a month remained for our guests to catch the rays of autumn sun, which is predicted in Bukovel.
After all, no matter how sad it was to say goodbye to you, from October 1 we are closing for the preparation for the winter season. Let’s meet in the beginning of winter.


On 17th of September we closed the beach resting terraces

Friends, it’s only two weeks left until the end of the summer season at the VODA club. And we have already begun to curtail the territory of a beach holiday. On the 17th of September we close the Kids Paradise Children’s Terrace, the Johnnie Walker Terrace, the Water Park Terrace and the VIP Terrace. We offer to catch the last rays of the sun on the panoramic terrace of the third floor, in the hot jacuzzi and enjoy relaxation in the sauna, the closed lounge zone.


From 1th of September we reduce prices for services

The summer coming to the end, but it does not finish our summer vacation! We continue to sunbathe and bathe in the warm pools throughout September. Moreover, entry prices have become more pleasant.


Enjoy new dishes in Osteria Italiana menu

Italians — craftsmen create delicious meals with a minimum number of ingredients. The secret is to use seasonal produce. seasonal products. In the summer menu of 2018 we surprise guests with dishes of bottarga – dried gray mullet caviar, a new kind of pasta — manfredini, black pappardele or black risotto nero with calamari. For our regular guests we turned into menu culinary hits of last summer — spicy spaghetti aglio olio with peperoncino from Abruzzo, spaghetti with zucchini from vegetable Italy paradise — Puglia,  Sicilian pasta a la norma and Vongole spaghetti of Campania.

But, to appreciate the taste and uniqueness, you can only try it. So, we invite you to Osteria Italiana.


24th of August Pool party with Kishe

24th of August popular Ukrainian singer, TV presenter, film actor and producer – KISHE will make a Pool party on the favorite floating JOHNNIE WALKER TERRACE for VODA club guests.

4 albums and 18 video clips, 7 years on the first musical channel ether of Ukraine, 2 years in the show Guten Morgen, author’s program Ikra by KISHE and the honor to open the official ceremony of the red track of Eurovision 2017 – all this thanks to the charisma and perseverance KISHE. The artist is precisely able to conquer the hearts of the listeners, so it will be hot! See you)
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The 25th of August The Hardkiss at VODA club

The Hardkiss is a symbiosis of rock, pop and electronic music, which the musicians themselves call Progressive Pop. A combination of hard arrangements and sound, melodiousness, deep texts and soul vocals by Julia Sanina, live sound and a vibrant show, all of this and even more in one concert. The owners of 5 YUNA figurines, the M1 Music Awards (best alternative group) and thousands of Ukrainian hearts will be already on the 25th of August to conquer the floating stage of the complex.

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24th of August Tayanna and Dj Shnaps at VODA club

Let’s celebrate together!

Dive into a very special national holiday atmosphere by visiting VODA club and having fun with our specially invited guests and resident DJs!

Our headliner for the night will be Tayanna, a girl who’s quickly broke into the ranks of top tier Ukrainian pop-stars. You must have already heard her melodic single “Shkoda” and passionate “Lelia” tune, the  recent national Eurovision qualifiers hit. With each new song, the girl continues to amaze and bring joy to her fans. Her newest track, “Fantastic woman” is yet another showing of that.

The night will continue into a dancing fever, with a set from our specially invited guest – DJ Shnaps. Being among the country’s best disk jockeys, he’s also shares his vision of contemporary EDM by remixing ones like Svitlana Loboda, Maks Barskih, NuAngels, Monatik, Artem Pivovarov, Iryna Bilyk, Burak Yeter. He’s also known for being a host of “Inspiration Live” and “PopSide” mixshows on Intense radio and PromoDJ TV. The guy’s genres of choice are House, Club House, Pop, Electro, Future House, Deep House and MashUP.

Of course, this special night couldn’t go without our trusted resident DJs and MCs: Mc Grizzly, Dj Vetal Art, Terry Raze, Dj Bleen.

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17th of August Alyosha at VODA club

Alyosha – is an Ukrainian singer-songwriter. She is an owner of many prestigious awards, including: YUNA, Golden Gramophone Ukraine, Song of the Year, Viva! etc. She is Included in TOP 5 of the most touring singers in the country. In 2010, she was a presenter from Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest in Oslo with the song Sweet People, which entered the top ten performers of the continent. Her songs are hot rotated on all national radio stations and musical TV channels. From the moment of the presentation to the present day, the song Kalyna does not go away from the leading positions of radio chords and the music video for the single fell into the trend of the Ukrainian YouTube and beats records by the number of views.


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